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IGNITE is a Dance Fitness class designed to feel like a party that takes you from the streets of NYC all the way to Latin America. This class is not just about music and dance ... this class is designed to pull the YOU out of YOU ... to bring you back HOME all while burning tons of calories!


BURN (Buttz & gutz)

BURN is a 45 minute full body workout with concentration on your Butt and Gut.  In this workout you will use mats, light weights and booty bands.  All of which we have in house.  


ZUMBA (& Fuego) 

Zumba is a form of fitness class in which you burn off calories by

dancing to different kinds of lively tunes, often Latin-American inspired

such as salsa, merengue and samba, but also other types of modern

music like hip hop and Bollywood



Barre Express is a 45-minute class that incorporates elements of ballet,

yoga, and Pilates. It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements

in repetition to strengthen and tone your body, while increasing agility and flexibility. This class is a combination of standing, on a mat, and at the bar while sometimes incorporating bands and weights for a more intense workout.



GLOW is an all women Dance Fitness class which fuses musical rhythms and choreographed dance moves together to create a dynamic party like atmosphere. This class is for all skill levels.  Alternating slow and fast rhythms to improve your cardiovascular health, create harmony between your Mind Body and Soul, and keep you glowing long after the hour ends. 



A 45-minute class with a rotating schedule or mashup of both programs of Vixen and Sweat & swagger. 

VXN is a dance fitness brand focused on improving the physical & mental wellness of women. By incorporating trending choreography, musical remixes, and atmospheric lighting, we’re able to replicate the live stage experience to promote a fun, fast-paced, communal workout experience


Sweat & Swagger is a heart-pumping, beat dropping, cardio dance workout that will bring out your inner badass, make you drip with sweat and leave with swag.



Stretch & Release is low impact class designed to help you increase flexibility and release stress.  You will stand taller, elongate your body, and your mind will be at ease as a result of these fluid movements.  This class is perfect for active recovery of your Mind Body and Soul after a long day.

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